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Viznar is of Arab origin, in its history, is a town associated with relaxion. The proximity to Granada, the purity of its waters, its natural and mild climate, has made the residence of the nobility and wealthy families of Granada throughout history, making this beautiful town a desirable situacion to live, with manor houses and beautiful palaces like Cuzco. The recent history of this town forever linked to Federico García Lorca, who passed “La Colonia” in this last hours, and became a place forever in the Barranco de Viznar Historical witness to the injustice of his death. “...Among Víznar and Alfacaar, they killed a nightingale, because I wanted to sing”. Viznar is a town where the water is apparent in every aspect, the Aynadamar waterway, acequia, that carries water to Granada that supplies the small meadows and gardens, and fountains, which surprise us at every turn, in alleyways and squares of the town. And more recent historical fountains, that allow visitors to rest and enjoy a privilege natural environment in the vicinity of the Natural Park of Sierra de Huétor, Park Recreation Area and Visitors Centre, located in Viznar. Viznar is a lookout at the foot of the Sierra, surrounded by the greenery of the natural park of Sierra de Huétor, watching and longing for Granada, that owns a more eternal landscape than that of the Sierra Nevada, full of history, where they still huert the voices in the ravines never silent, and the water flows past Aynadamar irrigating the fields and orchards, giving freshness to this high meadow and orchard that make bread, the bread of Viznar, which provides the work to the generous, friendly and welcoming people of the town... When you visit, walk though the alleys to discover fountains, of Viznar that inundate the forests, with the steps and take-forever-the memory in the soul of the most beautiful landscapes of Granada , of your Granada.

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