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In the heart of the Andalucian interior, the very heart that lit the origins of civilization and Mediterranean culture nestles Algarinejo. It is an area that retains its rural identity and traditional lifestyle, having also the characteristics of a place transformed little by modern industrialisation.

This area of western Granada offers an invitation to evoke historical memories of the countryside, the rich flavours of its cuisine, and to observe the cycles of Mediterranean nature. You will be immersed in an extensive and exceptionally preserved cultural heritage, which offers a broad range of customs and traditions.

Amidst a sea of olive trees, open spaces and enclaves of special beauty appear, with a unique landscapes of rivers and streams, mountain ranges, spectacular gorges and gullies and extensive country views of the Andalucian interior.

The town evokes memories of past times especially the pace and tranquility of rural life, the quality of traditional foods, and the warmth and hospitality of its townsfolk. In Algarinejo you will find a wide range of quality services and accommodation, with tourist activities such us a network of walking trails, all contributing to a pleasant and memorable stay.

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